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Re: [IP] My Will

> While I don't plan on dying any time soon, I started thinking about what
> would become of Murgatroyd after my death -- and I thought, why not
> donate him to someone who might not be able to afford a pump otherwise?
> (Assuming he's in good working condition!)
> There are probably also perfectly healthy pumps out there residing in
> drawers because the owners decided they didn't want them, or got an
> upgrade, or whatever.
> Do you think we could set up an organization to do that? It would be
> easy enough  to send a pump in the mail -

I've been working for some time on setting up the necessary legal 
mechanisms to provide re-cycled pumps for those who are insurance 
indigent. It is all fairly complicated and the pumps must be 
re-furbed before release to another party. The folks I've talked 
to at both pump companies appear to be supportive of this plan, but 
nothing formal has yet been done yet and there is still a bit of work 
that needs to be done.

Insulin Pumpers will accept donations of used pumps and the current 
valuation for a like replacement would be deductible from your tax 
return (nice bennie). This last feature actually may exceed the 
amount you'd have to pay for co-pay to the pump company if you did 
not trade in your old pump.

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