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[IP] Re: blood sucker

HA. I like that subject. :)

>I don't think ingesting tainted blood will give you 
>AIDS...unless he has open cuts in his mouth or stomach

yes, exactly my point. Have you inspected his mouth and stomach to check
for cuts? ok, well the mouth maybe :-) Besides, why take the chance?

>if you were married to him

sorry, I assumed from the way the thread was running that we were
discussing unmarried folks, since a lot of married folks use different
birth control from the foil wrapped kind. Which BTW made me think,
instead of just fumbling with the birth control wrapper, then he would
end up messing with the alcohol swab wrapper too...

>nothing tastes WORSE than skin that has been wiped down with alcohol

YUCKO is right! I don't think I said that he should lick the finger off
after wiping with alcohol. YUCK! (*other sound effects here which I am
unable to spell well enough to convey*)

Well, anyway, here we going again, getting way off track...
Laura, who is sorry that Sara doesn't live any closer so she could hook
her up with one of the many guys she works with, and also so there would
be another female "with attitude" to work out with.
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