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[IP] blood sucker

Laura wrote:
> you know I am going to have to harass you about this 
> a little bit :-) With the whole AIDS/HIV thing SNIP
> HIM (wiping the blood off with an alcohol swab) Let me clean you up.
>  YOU ooooh, I like it when it stings like that
>  (continue as before...)

well...for one, I don't think ingesting tainted blood will give you 
AIDS...unless he has open cuts in his mouth or stomach which would allow the 
virus to enter his bloodstream, and besides if you were married to him, 
wouldn't you have already both had tests, repeated at 6 month intervals to 
make sure you were "clean" prior to commiting your lives to one another?  If 
so, then I think there are other bodily fluids to have more concern about 
than a little drop of blood...

and as for the alcohol pad...yucko!!!  nothing tastes WORSE than skin that 
has been wiped down with alcohol...no salt, no leftover chocolate - just a 
yucky medicinal smell...and it toughens up your fingers.  

and as for the tubing...well, I prefer to let others use their imaginations 
as to the potential for both the 43" and 17" tubings....

Good luck to Shane tomorrow!!! 

Sara...who, by the way, does not have a boyfriend currently and does not 
sleep around despite my seemingly laissez-faire attitude towards this subject.
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