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Re: [IP] Looking for Parents of Preschoolers on Pump (long, long, long, sorry)


I think you're on the right track and should keep on pushing. There are so
many adaptations you can make to help everyone adjust. If your son eats a
lunch prepared at school, arrive a few minutes early each morning and talk
to whoever prepares the lunch. Calculate the carbs for each part of the meal
and leave a note (if he eats mac and cheese, bolus x units, and y units for
milk, and z units for... so they can figure his bolus based on what portions
of the meal he actually eats). Alternatively, send a lunch with him each day
with similar information included. So many parents have made "decision
trees" (whether the child is on MDI or pump) to help caregivers know what to
do if high before a meal or low after a meal or whatever...

My daughter was 8 when she began pumping (4 at diagnosis) and her Disetronic
has been in the ocean, sandbox, etc. and has NEVER had a problem with sand,
saltwater or sunscreen. There are all sorts of safety features (bolus
limits, etc.) to help keep kids from getting button-happy...

It sounds like you have the determination and perseverance necessary to make
pumping a success for your child...keep up the good work, it's worth it!

Betsy, mom of 10 yo pumping Stephanie

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