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Re: [IP] Soft-set Ultimate Qr vs Silhouette

Richard, which type of infusion set you use is a very individual thing 
with everyone.  You will hear from people that are using every different 
type that jump up and down about how great one or the other is.  I have 
only been pumping for 7 weeks but when I started, I looked at all that 
were available (I'm on a 507C) and decided that the sof-set was the most 
logical for me.  But when I went through training with the MiniMed 
trainer, she suggested that I might also be interested in the 
Silhouette. So I tried both on saline before I went live with insulin 
and decided right away that I preferred the Silhouette.  There were 
several reasons for this.  The main reason was that the Silhouette uses 
much less tape than the sof-set.  For me, the tape on the set itself is 
enough, no other tape is needed.  And I am pretty active including 
running 3 or 4 times a week (and working up a good sweat) and have yet 
to have a problem with the Silhouette tape coming off.  I just didn't 
like all of the tape required with the sof-sets.  I am relatively slim 
and the way the Silhouette is inserted at a 30 degree angle to your 
skin seems to make it more secure and less likely to come out.  Also, 
the Silhouette does not have the short length of tube and the QR that 
the sof-set has that you need to tape to yourself.  The Sil releases 
from the site itself.  The final thing I liked was not needing to use a 
device to insert the Sil (like the Sof-serter).  I already had 
enough stuff to carry around with me!  Of course, you can insert the 
sof-set manually.  While the Silhouette needle may be a bit daunting to 
some people, after taking insulin by syringe for over 30 years, I did 
not have any problem with it.  It is actually pretty easy to insert.  

As you can see, I like the Silhouettes quite a bit.  Is it right for 
you?  Ask MiniMed for some samples and try it out as that is the only 
way you will know for sure.

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