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[IP] news report in AZ

I know there are a few people in the phoenix area out there on this list.
I was wondering if by chance you caught the News 15 report at noon and
again at 5pm about the insulin pump.  I was sooooo mad when I saw it.
first, they made it sound like these doctors in Tucson were working with
diabetics with this brand new device, when the pump has been here forever.
then, I called the news station this morning and he read the transcript to
me, the one sentence that made me boil over was, "you just program it and
forget about it."  if I were a diabetic not familiar with the pump, I would
take that as a cure.  what about testing and carb counting, not to mention
all the other things I am forgetting about cuz I am so mad.  yes, the pump
does make our lives easier for the most part, but we can't just forget
about it.  I also called the local mini med rep and left a message for him
and asked him to call the news channel as well to clear this up. the
segment was just so misleading.  just needed to vent a bit.  thanks for


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