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Re: [IP] What kinda diabetic?

In a previous post I wrote that I had suspected that I was a type I
diabetic and was told (18 years after DX) that I was probably type II
because I do not produce ketones when not taking insulin (for short periods).

I said that I could then treat the insulin resistance and not the absolute
absence of insulin.  Let me tell you what I did and what I got from doing it.

I badgered the doctor to allow me to try Rezulin (I am aware that there is
some risk associated with Rezulin but I was willing to suffer that risk).
The results were pretty good.  The medications didn't resolve my diabetes
by any means but it did permit me a lot more time at "normal" BGs (90 to
115).  I still had big excursions when my food/insulin got out of sync. but
the control was better -- really better.  Next I tried to lose weight per
the low carb method.  The results were even better than Rezulin;in alone.
I might compare it with having a furnace that has a very tight limit to
heat output.  If I fed it an equivalent amount of gasoline or coal I should
get the same heat out put IN TOTAL.  The difference in how rapidly the fuel
is burned makes a big difference in how high the output temperature is.
Proteins and fats burn slowly.  I can now get through entire days with a BG
in the "Normal" range.  That is unprecedented (for me).

I am still probing around and trying things.  My doctor helps when he can
and will warn me about taking unnecessary risks.  I am encourage with the
results of treating my diabetes as type II.
Bob Blakely
email @ redacted
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