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[IP] Sof-sets vs. Sils

Richard, I pumped for about a month w/ Sof-sets until a pumping friend
loaded me a couple Sils.

I would NEVER go back!

I hated having to use a device to insert the Sof-sets. I hated all the
twist-it-this-way-turn-it-that-way directions. I hated all the extra tape I
had to cut and place on top. And I hated the visible BUMP visible even
through my clothes (which I tend to wear snug.)

The Sils take much less time to insert. All you need is your own hand. I use
no extra tape. The Sil lies flat against your belly. Nothing dangles when
you release it. and the PACKAGING for the Sils is much smaller than for the
Sof-sets, and I know we're all contributing bigtime to landfills with
everything we throw away.

I hesitated the first few times inserting that two-mile-long needle, but
after a few months I don't think about it anymore.


Date: Wed, 03 Nov 1999 21:52:08 -0800
From: "Richard D. Spector" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Soft-set Ultimate Qr vs Silhouette

I have been on the pump since Feb. of this year and have only used the
Softset QR  infusion set.  What does the group think of the
Silhouettes.  Any benefits over the Soft-set.  I am also wondering do
you have to use any other tape than what is attached to the Silhouette.
With the Soft-set you prep the skin, insert  the set then put a piece of
tape over the set.  With the silhouette I see that you might not require
extra tape because the tape on the set might be enough.  Can't tell
though.  Also my other question is how do people feel about having to
insert the infusion needle themselves.  With the softserter it is quick
and painless(most times0 but I notice with the silhouette you must do it
yourself.  I don't mind but just again wondering what everyone thought.

Thanks as always.

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