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Re: [IP] sex questions

Steve, I am a bit curious as to how this works for you.  You must be
extremely sensitive to insulin, like maybe 1 U lowers BG 150 mg/dl?  Then,
if you start at 100, in 2 h you could get up to 400. But even with such a
rapid rise, it would be very unusual to find ketones being produced that
could be measured in the urine.  Also, ketones dont' explode up, they
increase gradually as fat metabolism begins.  I know you are obviously a
special and unique guy :-), but you may be near an extreme end on this
issue, at least with regard to most pumpers.  Most on this list have BG/ins
ratios from 20 to 80, though young children can often be higher.  Maybe its
just your inner child coming out *S*

<<<<<Wayne:  You're right of course about everyone having to determine it for
themselves.  I didn't mean to imply that everyone's reactions would be the
same as mine.  But, in my case, with no humalog being delivered the BG does
rise and the ketones explode upward in a fairly short time.  I wish two
hours disconnected would work for me but it doesn't.  Glad it does for you.

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