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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

<< How does this happen?  How can a dr. say you're type 2 and treat you with
oral meds if your underweight and showing all the signs of needing insulin?
My aunt at aged 40 went to her dr. showing all the classic symptoms of type
1 diabetes, and a bg of 36 mmol (648 mg/d) and he was going to treat her
with oral meds too! Luckily my family told her to go to the emergency room
where they immediately started her on insulin. This just baffles me!



I'm still baffled by it. :-)  I suppose it had to do with the fact that
this particular doc treats a lot of elderly patients.  He's used to dealing
with type 2.  As my husband says, when you have a hammer, everything looks
like a nail.

There is a flip side to this issue.  My father is type 2.  His doc (another
internist, not an endo) wanted to put him on insulin based on ONE high
fasting bg reading.  I came unglued.  I loaned my dad my old meter (he
wasnt' testing daily at the time) and had him test four times a day.  Then
after two weeks, he took the readings into the doc.  They were mostly in
the normal range, some lows. Of course, the doc understood that he didn't
need insulin, just a fine-tuning of his oral meds.  My dad is doing quite
well with glucophage, and he tests his blood daily now.

Mary Jean

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