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[IP] My Will

After reading the stuff about the lady on e-bay, and the messages from
Caitlyn's mom, I had a thought last night:

While I don't plan on dying any time soon, I started thinking about what
would become of Murgatroyd after my death -- and I thought, why not
donate him to someone who might not be able to afford a pump otherwise?
(Assuming he's in good working condition!)

There are probably also perfectly healthy pumps out there residing in
drawers because the owners decided they didn't want them, or got an
upgrade, or whatever.

Do you think we could set up an organization to do that? It would be
easy enough  to send a pump in the mail -- all it would take is someone
willing to be the repository of pumps waiting for homes, and for IP to
be active in making it known that there were such pumps available.

In my case, I would want my pump to be given FREE to someone, but if
others wanted them sold, I guess that would be their choice. 

In any event, I'm NOT wishing anyone to die, but as in the case of organ
donation, you never know, and it's one way we could really help others.

Whatcha think?

(And if you think positively, I'd be willing to be the pump repository
-- as long as it's in cooperation with Michael and the administration of
this list) 

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