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[IP] Naming your pump/sex

I have done a pretty thorough study of the pumps I've owned or studied (and I 
think I may hold record on number and types and whatnot but not sure since my 
first five years I spent lots of time researching European pumps AND European 
pump-freindly insulins (Hoechst) as they were way ahead of US at the time)

The pumps we have are all male.  Note that they never ask for directions, they 
know everything even about subjects they have no connection to and they can 
quickly figure out a bunch of relatively useless totals.

I really would rather have a female pump: it'll ask for help when it's not 
sure what I want it to do; it'll not do things it isn't trained for and will 
not try to play adding machine with lots of values I don't want added 

Seriously: I think that the pump manufacturers are really getting us in that 
they don't provide both male and female specie pumps and let us breed them.  
We could then use natural selection  to develop new features and abilities in 
pumps (this is pretty similar to how the pump companies get their new features 


Who takes no credit for anything written above (I haven't slept in a few days)

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