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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

Bob Blakely wrote:
> Jimm wrote:
>>      Hey guys, I have a question I hope someone might be able to
>>     answer... I just changed docs and the new one says that I
>>      have a Very high resistance to insulin, and he thinks I
>>      might not be Type 1. 

> My Endo in the past (when I was dxed)never actually told me if I was
> type I or type II. I just assumed that because I used so much insulin
> (80 to 120 units per day) that I was type I. Insurance forced me to
> seek other care but after 18 years I went back to see him and asked
> him if I was type I or II. He said, "Type II because you don't have
> ketones when your insulin supply is interrupted."
> Seems that in my case the amount of insulin I used had to do with
> resistance and not to absence. I was surprised. Still, that knowledge
> has had an effect on my treatment. Now I try to lower resistance. It
> works!

Opposite case for me! 

I'm clearly NOT insulin-resistant because one unit drops me about 50
points, and my carb ratio is 1:20. And I've lost 17% of body weight
(currently BMI 25.4) over the last 5 years, and it didn't eliminate my
need for insulin! 

But I equally clearly DO secrete insulin, for the same reason: I don't
run ketones when my insulin supply is interrupted. But I do start
spiraling higher and higher -- I have no doubt that, given enough time,
I could get really sick!

As close as I can figure, I'm more insulin-deficient than resistant,
because the orals didn't work for me (I tried them for 5 months of
misery, added to a year of misery on diet control!).

What Type I am is up in the air, because it MAY be a slowly evolving
Type 1 (I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis -- an autoimmune attack on
the thyroid), or it may be an unusual, as yet undefined form of Type 2.

But one thing I do want to say is that REAL Type 1's CAN have insulin
resistance, and all the other hallmarks of Type 2, because they're
different diseases -- in which case you DO have to address the
insulin-resistance, but you can't go off insulin. 

It would be perfectly easy to try Metformin or one of the glitazones in
such a person -- it might reduce the amount of insulin required, and
would not in itself be harmful, IF the person were not misled into
thinking they could stop insulin.

And if docs are so determined to pigeonhole us into either/or, it's time
to get a new doc! 
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