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Re: [IP] Soft-set Ultimate Qr vs Silhouette

i've only ever used the Tender/Sils/Comforts in the 4 weeks i've had my
pump...  you don't necessarily need any other tape, although i am slow to
heal and i've found that by inserting through* a piece of Tegaderm i can
avoid some of the more damaged sites (the set moves around a little
less...)  but the tape on the set is quite sticky and does a good job all
on its own...  i don't find them difficult to insert, but i've never used
any sort of injector/inserter so maybe i'm an old-fashioned kind of
girl...  i love that they disconnect at the site, and that i can determine
the angle at which i insert... (i have more fat some places than
others....)  all in all i think they're a total win!


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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