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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

At 08:34 PM 11/3/99 -0600, you wrote:
Hey guys, I have a question I hope someone might be able to answer... I just changed docs and the new one says that I have a Very high resistance to insulin, and he thinks I might not be Type 1. I have been on insulin for 10 years and on the pump for 3+. I use aproximately 75 units of regular a day. Can this be possible (snip)

Thanks, Jimm Hook Em' Horns---

My Endo in the past (when I was dxed)never actually told me if I was type I or type II. I just assumed that because I used so much insulin (80 to 120 units per day) that I was type I. Insurance forced me to seek other care but after 18 years I went back to see him and asked him if I was type I or II. He said, "Type II because you don't have ketones when your insulin supply is interrupted."

Seems that in my case the amount of insulin I used had to do with resistance and not to absence. I was surprised. Still, that knowledge has had an effect on my treatment. Now I try to lower resistance. It works!
Bob Blakely
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