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[IP] Soft-set Ult. Qr vs Silhouette

Hi Richard ~ I started pumping  Feb. 99 also - and started out with the 
Soft-sets.  Saying that I was 'chicken' to try the Silhouette is an 
understatement:  Scared speechless was more like it. I tried many times to 
insert a Sil - but just couldn't do it.    I got to a point with the 
Soft-sets where I was just running out of sites - and I was dreading site 
changes. I was timid to use the left side of my abdomen because I kept 
hitting a vein or whatever and getting what we term as gushers, and I knew it 
wouldn't be long until I wore out the welcome on the right side.  I had to 
try the Sil.

I finally got up my nerve, inserted the Silhouette and I've never gone back 
to the Soft-sets.  They have since released the Micro - and I admit I would 
like to give it a try as I need the shorter cannula.   However,  I am really 
happy with the Sil.  I like the fact that I can 'poke' around to find a 
comfortable spot for insertion and I can get it in at a nice angle, and can 
use the left side of my tummy with no problem.  In fact, I haven't had a 
'gusher' since switching to the Sils.  I also have allergy problems with 
tapes/adhesives and have not experienced one problem with the stick'um on the 
 Sils.  I do use IV Prep, but do not use the ice trick or the Emla cream to 
deaden the insertion area.  

With using the Silhouettes you also have less stuff to carry around and worry 
about, plus the packaging for the set is much smaller than the Soft-set 
making it easier to tote a 'just in case' spare around with you.

I am so glad I finally got up the nerve and gave it a try.  If you decided to 
do the same, look up the 'how to' directions here on theList.  Good 
instructions.  Take care, Joanne Mc 
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