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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

At 10:49 PM 11/3/1999  Mary Jean Renstrom wrote:
>I was diagnosed at the age of 27, ten years ago, same time as you...  (gee,
>how old do you suppose I am??<vbg>) At that time, the internist I saw said
>I had to be type 2 because of my advanced age.  (Never mind the fact that I
>had all the classic signs of type one and weighed 90 lbs...) I was on orals
>for two months.  I finally went on insulin and started feeling better.  I
>too found a new doc, eventually.  I know that I'm type 1.

I was diagnosed at age 37 and am definitely type 1. I knew there was a 
reason why they stopped calling it Juvenile Diabetes... :-)


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