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Re: [IP] Diabetic or Not?

<< Hey guys, I have a question I hope someone might be able to answer...
I just changed docs and the new one says that I have a Very high resistance
to insulin, and he thinks I might not be Type
1. I have been on insulin for 10 years and on the pump for 3+. I use
aproximately 75 units of regular a day. Can this be
possible or is he full of S***. Any ideas? Im supposed to go back and see
him on Monday. Buy the way he is regarded
very highly here in town by endos >>


Um, gee... I'd say you are diabetic, and you need the insulin.  Is he
suggesting that you stop using insulin? My aunt went through something similar:

She was diagnosed at the age of 19, and she is now 68.  A few years ago,
her longtime doctor retired, and she had to find a new one.  She went to a
doctor who claimed there was no way she could be type 1 because she was
diagnosed so "late" (ha!).  This doc took my dear aunt off of insulin
(after 40+ years of injections) and put her on oral meds.  What a
boondoggle!  She was running soooo high.  She put herself back on insulin
and found a new doctor.

I was diagnosed at the age of 27, ten years ago, same time as you...  (gee,
how old do you suppose I am??<vbg>) At that time, the internist I saw said
I had to be type 2 because of my advanced age.  (Never mind the fact that I
had all the classic signs of type one and weighed 90 lbs...) I was on orals
for two months.  I finally went on insulin and started feeling better.  I
too found a new doc, eventually.  I know that I'm type 1.

The moral of the story is that it really doesn't matter if you are type 1
or type 2.  If you need insulin (and with you taking 75 units a day, I'd
say you do), then you need insulin.  It's as simple as that.  If this doc
is so focused on whether or not you are type 1, and not on treating you the
correct way, then I'd find a new doc.

Mary Jean

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