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Re: [IP] Long term without complications

In a message dated 11/3/99 4:03:35 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< 50% of type I diabetics do not get major complications. The stats about 
occurence of complications show that they kick in typically after 10 years 
with the disease, occur most frequently between 10-25 years, and after 25 
years, the risk of incurring complications lessens greatly. >>

I wonder if some of the disagreement here might have to do with definition.  
If retinopathy gets treated, or is not causing much visual problem, perhaps 
it is not being considered a major complication.

Incidentally, I had been diabetic 27 years before any complications showed 
up.  Since then I have had retinopathy, early indications of nephropathy, 
gastroparesis, duPeytreyns and DuQuervaines and trigger fingers, 
mononeuropathies, and coronary artery disease (diagnosed while still in my 

Linda Zottoli
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