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[IP] RUTH--Sofsets!

 Sounds crazy, huh? But I am totally with you, in fact
I had the EXACT same problem yesterday, however mine
was with a Micro. The introducer needle would not
budge. It was painful and finally came out, my #s
spiked but then returned to normal (not normal, but
were under 240 which was where they were at the start
of the change). I don't know why this happened, I did
not call MM, iw as more concerned about getting the
needle out of me, but no clue why it stuck..>It was a
new box of micros, one MM just sent me 2 days ago, I
have yet to try another one from the box, but if that
one sticks as well, I will definitely call MM and
complain..I agree with you, it's not fun and not easy
to understand why it would stick!

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