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[IP] Chalk one up to stupidity

I had a new experience I'll share with you in the guise of "Don't try this at 
home!" .  My husband woke me up at 5am a few weeks ago holding my reservoir 
(empty) in his hand saying "I think this fell out of the pump"  As I groggily 
looked at it, I remembered that I had just changed out that evening and 
should have about 150 units (humalog) in it....AND IT WAS EMPTY!!!!!!!!  I 
was immediately awake now, thinking I had just somehow injected 150 units of 
humalog and thinking that it's time for my first ever squad ride, when a 
check of the pump revealed it to have a full reservoir inside.  Meaning that 
somehow I was distracted during my set change (dog, kids, husband, whatever) 
and I left the old set in, reservoir dangling and somehow unnoticed under the 
nightgown.  Quite a wake-up call. 

Thought you could all use a chuckle.  I've been careful to disconnect the 
tubing FIRST THING now with set changes.  (Though I've learned to leave the 
sil in place a little longer...this has resulted it better glucoses post site 
change...and has saved my behind a couple times when the "new site'" fails me 
and I'm in a time crunch.

Happy pumping all......Linda
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