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Re: [IP] Re: Endos with IDDM? Let's make a list

Jill Salerno wrote:
> My endo, Dr. Michael Pfeifer, has diabetes.  He is in Greenville, NC.  As I
> understand it, he currently does not use insulin.  However, he has told me
> if and when it becomes necessary, he will use pump therapy and not even
> begin MDI.

Ah yes, and he's ALSO the editor of Diabetes Forecast!!!!

So I know what he said -- that if he ever needs insulin, he'll go
straight to the pump. Pretty good for a Type 2 -- it's about time that
the endos started to acknowledge that Type 2's need the tight control
and attentive care that Type 1's customarily get (from good endos, that

You're lucky to have him!!!

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