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[IP] major problem tonight with softset

ok pumpers,

we had a MAJOR problem tonight when geneva changed her site.  (MM sof-set)

geneva used the inserter and taped down over the button.  then..when she
went to pull out the needle...it WOULD NOT BUDGE!!! she turned left and
right , you name it .  I tried too.  no luck.  at this point she is in tears
and terrrified. hysterical she is saying now.

we called MM and of course..they did not have a clue.  we decided to untape
and keep pulling.  geneva is screaming that she wants to go to ER....I am
pleading no.  nothing will get done for hours and they will probably do just
what she is doing now.

I finally leave the room because  she is getting madder and madder at me.

in about twenty minutes  she finally gets it out after she tugs and tugs and

fortunately, we could keep the same site.  although, I am now wondering
about the cannula.  will it be crimped up or what?

anyone have this problem before?

what a terrible experience for both of us.

mom to 10 yr. old geneva....who at this point probably will never want to
insert again!!!

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