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Re: [IP] OH to whine....!


>  Caitlyn's average
> blood sugar is in the mid 200's!  She swings from 60-450 on a fairly
> regular basis, but the average seems to be in the mid 200's.  I would
> kill (not really) to have her be 186!  How sad is it that you all vent
> about something I cannot seem to achieve!

That's the reason I've become very reluctant to post numbers. You just
cannot compare numbers.  

What it boils down to is that a high BG is a high BG -- doesn't really
matter HOW high -- if you're consistently above normal, you're risking

What you'd REALLY like is to see Caitlyn in the normal range; 186 is NOT

And yes, the pump helps, but is not the final answer (a cure would be
the final answer) -- even WITH a pump, you're going to have to work very
hard and be ever vigilant.

Good luck! 
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