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[IP] Re: jessicas post high-Sara's melodrama

WARNING: Rated at least R or worse!!!!

>so can his bumbling and funbling with the condom wrapper!!!

Ahh! One of the advantages of marriage :)

>slides your finger seductively into his mouth and sucks off the blood

now Sara, much as I enjoyed the whole scene, you know I am going to have
to harass you about this a little bit :-) With the whole AIDS/HIV thing
(not that I want to go back to that thread mind you), this is probably
not the best move (after all, he has gone through the whole fumbling and
bumbling bit and you wouldn't want to make that a pointless operation
would you?) How about something like the following:
HIM (wiping the blood off with an alcohol swab) Let me clean you up.
YOU ooooh, I like it when it stings like that
(continue as before...)

I believe you were also the one who mentioned something about using the
tubing as a restraint... Boy, now I really can't wait for Shane to start
pumping on Friday!

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