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Re: [IP] Amy's FRUSTRATION, my Humalog Question

I truly feel your frustration, and I sure with I had some words of wisdom to 
help.  You sound like you're trying for all you're worth and it still isn't 
working.  Very agonizing.

I have a question I've wanted to ask about Humalog, but I've been afraid 
you'd all think I was insane or something, but here goes.

When I started pumping I used Velosulin (buffered regular) because Humalog 
wasn't out yet.  When I'd get high, like 300+, I'd use the Humalog in a 
syringe and inject a few units and 4 yrs ago it brought me right down.

Now the last year or so when I've tried to do this is hasn't worked.  The 
Humalog doesn't budge it at all.  Which led me to believe my bottle must be 
bad, but I've changed it out 3 times now, and still the same process.  When I 
bolus/inject with Velosulin it works, but took about 2 hours later until it 
come back down (because it is slower acting), but down is good.

So my question is:  Can you become resistent to Humalog????   Anyone else 
experienced this????  Or am I just special?  :)    And Amy, are you pumping 
Humalog?  And when you inject have you tried different kinds of insulin? The 
U idea of yours doesn't sound all that bad really.

Thanks for listening,
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