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[IP] Decision about this list


I hope I havent said anything that offended you! I wrote to support you about 
how frustrated you felt about not being able to control those swings!!!  
There are some people on the list who are just whiney butts and can't take a 
joke, and read EVERY post as if it is a direct attack on them 
PERSONALLY....you just have to ignore them!!!  You are as welcome on the list 
as is anyone!!!  You don't HAVE to be on a pump to be on the list - only 
INTERESTED IN LEARNING about them - asking questions is how we learn, and 
sharing our frustrations is supposed to HELP not hurt...

I apologize if I wrote something negative (this apology is for you 
specifically!!!  If anyone ELSE is offended by something I write, you will 
just have to let me know so I can examine what I wrote, and decide if I want 
to apologize for your inability to interpret my words, or if I really did 
offfend you)

So, Carrie, I hope you will continue to post questions and vent your 

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