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[IP] jessicas post high

jess wrote:
>  so i understand this theory... but i haven't been pumping long enough to
>  have developped a system for dealing with exercise either...  should i
>  disconnect, frolick... eat if necessary, and then bolus 1 u or .5 u
>  after??  or set a temp basal?

yes - try everything!!....practice and experiment until you find what works 
for you, cuz I may tell you what works for me, but you don't have any of me 
in you (aren't you glad!?!?!?), so we probably won't work the same...

I find it is easier to frolic "sans" pump in general. If you are trying to be 
scientific about it and need a real "system" for being that exact about your 
bgs, I propose the following:

A)  prepare to frolic (and all that is entailed in preparing...tee hee).  
Leave pump engaged
B)  when preparation is complete, put co-frolicker on hold while you test 
your bg (a great time for him to don protection if necessary....)
C)  If over, say 180, take a conservative bolus to bring you down towards, 
say 150
D) If you are under, say 150, and have a vigorous frolicking planned, maybe 
chew a few dex tabs, which you have stashed conveniently in the glove 
compartment or nightstand
E)  Unplug yourself when the bolus is done, while partner continues to 
struggle with bra strap...
F)  Frolic with unabashed freedome - and pity us pumping old timers who used 
to NOT be able to disconnect..
G) Check bg when you can see straight again and correct as necessary

Ya know this all can be QUITE the little mood shatterer, can't it?  But then 
so can his bumbling and funbling with the condom wrapper!!!  .then when it 
flies off the bed, and he tumbles after it....sigh...so I guess it is a tade 
off - he has his mood killers and you have yours...

This next part could be considered X-rated....you have been warned...

Or if you were really creative, you could make the whole 
testing/bolus/disconnecting operation a part of your foreplay..

YOU:    c'mon baby, poke me (indicating your finger)
HIM:    hmm nothing is coming out, 
YOU:    I didn't even feel that
HIM:    can i poke you harder?  
YOU Oh YEAH, go for it...harder!
HIM Can I squeeze it a little harder - 
YOU oh yeah bay bee!!!!
HIM OK, good job, now I will suck it...(and he slides your finger seductively 
into his mouth and sucks off the blood, cuz that is how much he loves you...)
HIM mmm good.  
YOU Oh yeah!!!
HIM:    uh oh, you are a little high
YOU Pump me up, baby - (indiacting your pump)
HIM ok, you are pumped up now, are ya feeling good now?  
YOU:    Oh YEAH!!!
HIM:    Great, here let me just slide this thing (as he disconnects your 

you can take it from here....

heh heh heh   this is going in my movie...

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