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[IP] diabetic babysitters

Ruth asked:
>  if any DM 'ers out there were not allowed to babysit, or were told
>  that it was too risky by a potential client as a young teen/pre-teen.

Babysat TONS as a kid - and as a stupid irresponsible one - back in those 
days when urine testing was the standard, but I never lived up to standards 
in that regard. I never had a problem or a complaint...the parents all knew I 
had diabetes, but they never expressed concern.  I was a counselor at a girl 
scout camp in the rocky mountains, back in those 2 a day shot days and never 
had a problem - kept my stuff with the nurse, no kids ever even knew adn I 
doubt the parents did either.  I worked at the childrens center at a ski area 
one year - the boss knew, but had no problem.    I also worked for two 
different hooty tooty rich kids camps in the North east when I  was taking 
marginally better care of myself - MDI and testing a couple of times a 
day...I don't think I even know where the nurse's office was at either camp - 
I dont remember even telling the first camp, though I am sure I did...at the 
second one I was FIRED by the director cuz she thought I wasn't taking good 
care of my diabetes....I took FOUR shots a day, while HER daughter who also 
had diabetes only took ONE shot a day, so I OBVIOUSLY was in "really bad 
control" and shouldn't be taking care of any kids since I couldn't take care 
of  myself." LOL - Thought about suing her once...

>  just wondering if I should prepare geneva for some bad news.  

no - teach her to pump and allthat goes with it and she should have no 
problem...As long as she realizes she not only has responsibility for the 
child she is caring for, but ALSO for herself...let the baby cry if she is in 
the middle of changing her catheter or if she is low and shakey and trying to 
get some juice.  She wont be able to help the baby if she passes out in a 

Take her to the fire dept and get her CPR certified in infants and toddlers - 
not that she will ever need to do it, but parents LOVE that when you tell 
them you are "certified."

Sara - who loves babysitting...and way enjoys earning $10 an hour as opposed 
to that piddly $1.00 they USED to pay when I was 14 - sheesh...glad age and 
inflation has SOMETHING positive to offer
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