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Re: [IP] a partial answer to one of my sex questions...

In a message dated 11/2/99 4:49:19 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< so, yes, i was fasting...  but i thought that was the point of basal
 testing... you set your basals to keep your bg stable when you don't* eat,
 and then you bolus and adjust carb ratios, for when you do*... 
 am i confused?  (this is what my pump team is telling me....)
No, Jess you're not confused.  The idea of basals is to be able to remain 
constant without eating. I have nighttime problems still, but my days are 
fairly stable.  I've gone a lot of days with an apple for breakfast, no 
lunch, and dinner at 6pm.  I test during this time, but it is usually really 

As for the sex question, it reminds me of swimming.  I disconnect for no more 
than an hour at a time.  I test and bolus my basal (+/- any correction) for 
one hour, then disconnect.  For exercise I test about 30 minutes prior to 
starting, set a temp basal depending on the result.  I usually go down about 
65-95 points from one hour of aerobics.  A good "frolicking" should be about 
the same.

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