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Re: [IP] pump choice

The thread stated:

>>6. I can set my basal below .5, even though I've seen info here from 
>>others that it doesn't. I don't know where they got that.

The response (incorrect) was:

>The Disetronic has that set as Default but can be lowered at your request 
>by the Techs.

The fact is:

The Disetronic uses .1 as the default *basal* rate, as does the MM.

The Disetronic uses .5 as the default *bolus* (*NOT* default basal rate).

You can request the bolus amount be set differently - I think the other 
increments are .1, .2 units. This can be changed by Disetronic Tech Support 
during a check up, or remotely, if your health care team has a Disetronic 
Modem. If you want to get real "fancy", you can get each pump set differently.

Bob Burnett

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