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Re: [IP] Finally figured out mornings

> Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 12:42:24 EST
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Finally figured out mornings
> I'm not sure I understoon your basal rate.  It sounds to me like you need
> take your basal rate up in the am by .1 and test every hour for 3 days and
> your still high take it up another .1 until your bolus should only have to
> cover your meal?  Let me know I'm new at this.
> Teresa

I do test my basal settings every once in a while and they are set
correctly. Believe me, I do not want any insulin in me between 10am and noon
unless it is covered by food. I even have to be especially conservative with
corrections in the morning. The problem was that the timing of the digestion
of breakfast was different than the timing of the action of the insulin. The
amount of insulin was correct for the food I ate. But the food entered my
bloodstream before the insulin started to work and caused my bg to rise
higher than I wanted. Then later, the food was gone but the insulin was
still working so my bg would go lower. So the solution was to match up the
food action with the insulin action to get a smoother result.


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