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Re: [IP] Long term without complications


Additional thoughts on the stats conversation --

The DCCT was held primarily to test the hypothesis that tight control could 
ward off or prevent complications. It was NOT held to determine the 
incidence or numbers of people who get complications from type I diabetes. 
You're talking apples and oranges here.

The numbers of people who have complications isn't going to change if you 
ask yourself why they get them.

So the DCCT stuff is irrelevant when talking about whether or not the stats 
show that people have or don't have complications.

50% of type I diabetics do not get major complications. The stats about 
occurence of complications show that they kick in typically after 10 years 
with the disease, occur most frequently between 10-25 years, and after 25 
years, the risk of incurring complications lessens greatly.

Remember, I never said there's a guarantee they won't occur; just that the 
chances are greatly less. This coming from someone who never took a math 
class between 10th grade and grad school; then took grad stats and almost 
died from it.


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