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[IP] Wine D'Jour

Today's Whine  (wine d'jour?)  I have just come 'down' from a 'session' with 
my elderly mother on the do's and don'ts of diabetes.We have had this 
'peppery' conversation on several occasions.
There is nothing this woman doesn't think she knows about diabetes - and a 
few of her pet peeves are 1) my insistance that it's okay for a carb 
counting pumper to eat 'sugar' 2) my inability to know when and how to take 
Humalog 3) my refusal to go to aerobics with BG over 300 )4) and my 
fabrication about my BG going high instead of low after intense exercise 
(largely corrected)

I cannot tell you the number of people who have often considered their 
non-medical advice about my disease as an appropriate subject for couseling 
me on.  I am sick and tired of trying to explain to these often well 
intentioned folks that their diabetes, their aunt's diabetes, and my 
diabetes may be entirely different and that they should shut up about it.

I wonder if these medical watchdogs will ever get the message that their 
overzealous righteousness smacks of  penal judgements by a 'judge and jury' 
who is blatantly unqualified to sit on the 'thone'.  I have had people (mom 
included) take things out of my hands (my wedding cake) and throw them in 
the trash (for my own good.) If seems to me that instead of rejoicing that 
my pump has not only given me better BGs (despite my problems)and liberated 
me from 35 years of alternating guilt (bad diabetic!) and suffering through 
abstinence and that despite my Master's in nutrition, eating disorder, and a 
blatant sweet tooth - that somehow they think I should remain in that 
position and suffer in silence.  I absolutely hate it when people tell me 
how I should treat my diabetes, (except for you guys, of course) and how 
they always ask me what I've done wrong whenever I've had any problems.

Okay I'm through now - off my soapbox.  And I feel better now that I've 
vented - and my BG is probably coming back to normal after an
angry uprise (worse than sweets for me-LOL) and now I can let it go.
Incidentally I have new email address email @ redacted and am online 
with AOL's instant messenger under Deminkink (that's De Mink Ink- nothing 
kinky about me LOL and online at the Monday night Disetronic chat as 
Pumpkin.  You may know me next as the Mad Hatter.

thanks for being there

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