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[IP] Re: When to contact MiniMed?

I agree Suzanne, lets just agree to disagree. On that note, for whoever
was asking about reasons for picking one pump, here are a couple of
clarifying notes on Suzanne's post, along with a few of Shane's reasons
for going with the D instead of MM. Again, just OUR OPINIONS, not a
proclamation of "superiority" in any way, everyone's needs are

>1)  I can program in precisely .1 of a unit (Disetronic is .5 I think)
The D is set for .5 increments for boluses, and .1 increments for
basals. However, you can request that the company set it up to bolus in
.1 increments instead.

>3)  It has a vibration mode if I don't want to hear the beeps
>4)  It has 3 different levels of beeps, where the Disetonic has 1
You can turn off all the beeps on the D (except alarms of course), but
there is no volume control.

>7)  It has a 4 year warrenty in comparison to the 2 year at Disetronic
With D you get 2 pumps with 2 years warranty each, so its still a total
of 4 years (actually I think its 30 months each for a total of 60
months). With Shane the 2 pumps was a big deal as he is a copier
technician who is all too familiar with machines breaking down, and he
did not want to have to go back to shots while waiting to get a loaner.

>11)  I can do 3 different boluses (not sure about the Disetronic)
The D only has the standard bolus. :(  Others here have mentioned that
they can "simulate" the other bolus types using temp basal changes. We
haven't tried this yet (because he isn't actually pumping until Friday
and we may go bananas by then!!!)

>12)  Most everyone where I live has the MiniMed
Our CDE was also more familiar with the MM but was more than willing to
learn about the D since that's what we preferred. Another CDE at the
clinic is more familiar with the D than the MM so I guess everyone is
going to learn something together. If she had been unwilling to consider
either pump I would have had strong suspicions about her motivations.

Another thing Shane liked about the D was the waterproof-ness issue. The
copier repair job tends to get a bit warm in the summer here in Iowa,
meaning lots of sweat. Additionally, we like to swim and canoe and fish
in the summer and you know the first thing that will happen is he will
fall in with the pump (lets just say that canoeing is fun but definitely
not our strong suit!). 
We were also pleased that D has an agreement of some sort with our
insurance, so we were approved and received the pump within 2 weeks of
our doctor's request. I am sure however that this varies greatly among
insurance companies, so that some would have better luck with MM.
Best of luck in getting your pump. Based on what I have learned here I'm
sure you will be happy with whichever you choose!
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