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Re: [IP] sex questions

Steve, this is something everyone has to determine for themselves.  Its
YMMV in a big way.  For me, with a basal of 0.6/h Humalog, my BG will rise
only 20-25 mg/dl for each hour I'm disconnected.  So 2 hours off is no big
deal either.
 Hmmm, now that I think about it that way, if I disconnected I wonder how
many women I could satisfy before I crashed into hyperglycemic coma *S*

<<<<<If you are using humalog and disconnect for 2 hours you will definitely
see your sugar go high and, in my case, ketones as well.  I have about a 45
minute limit with no basal before both sugar starts up and ketones
skyrocket.  I can run high sugars with out ketones or feeling really sick
as long as insulin is being infused.

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