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Re: [IP] insulin-holics

email @ redacted wrote:
> My doctor thinks anyone who shoots for under 7.0 is an insulin-oholic, and I
> tend to agree.  I would rather live my life at 7.2 and not have to chase lows
> on a daily basis, which just make me get fat!  And since the DCCT particpants
> averaged, what, 7.3? I don't see any reasonable point for aiming for 6.5
> unless I want to impress someone else...which I obviously DON'T

Well, good thing your doc doesn't have ME for a patient!!!! (I wouldn't
stay long with someone like that, anyway!)

Highest A1c I EVER had was 7.1 -- and at the time I was NEVER under 150,
and spending several hours a day over 300 each and every day. 

I really don't understand "insulinoholic" -- ever since I went on
insulin, I've LOST weight, and had A1c's in the 5's for the most part.
With an occasional hypo here and there, but nothing severe.

I'd rather have a doc who doesn't think in absolute numbers, and who
tailors A1c and BG goals to the individual. YMMV, big time! 
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