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[IP] Re: Holly-bolusing after meals

Hello Holly,
This bolusing for 135's or after meals has a lot to do with (as Susan just 
posted!) getting to know what is right for you (or as in your case, your 
kid). Keeping records and evaluating them: for trends, adjusting carb ratio, 
etc. I know for me that my 1 hr. pp should be 120-150 and I don't adjust. If 
2 hr is 130 or above I give insulin. This may sound like I'm testing every 
hour...I don't, it's just what I've learned from having the pump and keeping 
the records. OF course things vary with the amt/type of food eaten, amt of 
insulin, exercise, PMS...did I forget anything? A good thing is to relax and 
adjust things slowly so the highs don't become lows and to make sure you are 
changing what needs changed, like the carb ratio vs. basal rate. I had to get 
a lecture from my diabetes educator before I realized just because I got the 
pump didn't mean my numbers would be perfect all the time. Good luck getting 
it figured out!

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