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[IP] Re: Sex and connecting/disconnecting

I've been pumping 4 months, but having sex much longer -- always with
diabetes. (Diagnosed 35 yrs ago at age 10.)

I've rarely checked my BG before beginning, but that means I sometimes get
low. Now my dear husband will simply say, "I think you're low.'' (He swears
he can tell from subtle things.) He's always right. So then we have to just
wait a bit -- or wait till tomorrow! (Trust me, you young 'uns, eventually
waiting till tomorrow will seem perfectly fine.)

I disconnected the pump the first time, and I like that with the MiniMed you
know exaactly how many tenths of a unit you missed while you were
disconnected. (Unlike D, which drips a bit every 3 mins, MM gives .1
doses....If you're on .3/hr basal, you will get .1 every 20 mins. So if
you're disconnected, say, 45 mins, you bolus .2 afterwards if need be.)

But since that first time, I just leave myself connected. He or I move the
pump around with us, or it gets tugged along, and it just isn't a problem.
Perhaps it helps that we've been doing this for 17 years....we've had sex
with splints on fingers/hands/arms, we've had sex with incisions here and
there....In sickness and in health!

One male friend who pumps told me, though, that his wife ASKS him to
disconnect because she doesn't like looking at the pump. I raised my
eyebrows, but asked no more questions......seems a little issue re his
diabetes there, but who am I to say?


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