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[IP] Re: MiniMed and Daylight Savings Time

The rep who told you that the 508 just alarms to tell you the time has
changed from DST to Standard time is wrong.  Not only does the alarm go
off it sets all dates back to 1/98 yes 98 not 99 and time is not correct
and you have to check to make sure that all your basal rates are still
set correctly.  Some people reported that their basal rates were set to
0 which is and e-01 alarm.  I got the A-37 alarm first and the a E-03
alarm when I reinserted the batteries. I had to reset my pump from
2:00am to 1:00am west coast time.  Guess what happened at 2:00am again.
So when it hit 2:00am which is the new correct time I just reset
everything and set my time this time to 2:00am which is the correct
current time.  What a pain in the butt.  By the way I was out at a
halloween party at this time.  Thank god I was awake.  I feel bad for
those who were woken up by a problem that should of never been
introduced into a finished product. THIS IS A HUGE DEAL.  I AM SURE THEY
testing is for we should never be exposed to these things.  EVER, EVER,
EVER.  That is why is cost $5500.  It is a finished, perfect product
that is approved by the FDA.  I am sure the FDA has to be  looking at
this.  So we do have a problem here.  MM is supposed to be sending out
information to all the current 508 owners.  This info. is just wanting
to pass the legal dept.

I hope they fix this problem.  This is a not a minor problem.  Anytime
your basal rates are change either through actually changing the rates
or through a time change which changes the pattern of your current basal
rate for some, is a big deal.


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