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Re: [IP] Insulin resistance and the pump

The only time I have any insulin resistance is in the morning.  When I was 
doing the MDI thing I used about 45 to 50 units a day (a combination of 
Humalog, Ultralente, and NPH).  Now I'm use about 50 to 55 units on a good 

But mornings have been driving me nuts.  My regular basal rate is 0.7 u/h.  
My morning rate (2 am to 9 am) is at 1.1 right now and I'm still not getting 
normal Bg readings before breakfast.  But I am closing in.  The readings have 
come down.

The book Pumping Insulin has a method for determing the correct boluses.  
While the book is written with type 1s and regular insulin in mind.  The 
method will work for Humalog and type 2s as well.

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