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[IP] re: insulin not working

 I think it is related to insulin somehow b/c it's not
lowering me, adn i am thinking of mentioning using
velosulin at my endo appt Thursday, Nov. 11, but i
know what you mean. it wasn't so bad if it had only
been the week i had my infection, but the beginnin gof
all that was sept 24 and things have yet to improve.
of course i can keep upping insulin but in reality
that is having very ltitle effect.i wonder if
something's wrong inside b/c past few days my stomach
has been hurting a lot, including where it was with
the infection, but my bg could be the culprit as well
and i really don't want to go back to the local doc
any time this year. and alsoi know my thyroid isn't
perfect, been on 75mcg of synthyroid for over 5 years,
but a test at the beginning of my infection showed it
was just a tad off and my local doc wanted to wait to
make nay changes...so that's against metoo. the highs
aren't so bad if only i felt "healthy". i mean my eyes
and concentration are DEFINTELY b/c of highs, but my
stomach isn't necessarily always related to highs...
oh well
 on a good note i was accepted into the Nat'l Honor
Society today and I have a much higher grade in AP
Physics than I thought:-) (even got a 100 on a
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