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Re: [IP] (IP) When to contact MiniMed?

Now... I maybe sticking my foot in my mouth for responding to this.  Lately 
I've seen alot of people get real upset over things that are posted.  We 
must all realize that we're all here for each other.  People have different 
opinions and different views on subjects, does this make us "terrible" or 
"wrong".  No.  Let's just all agree to disagree and respect one another.  
Now, the reasons I chose MiniMed over the Disetronic... these are MY 
reasons, and for these reasons I believed the MiniMed served me better.  
However, the Disetronic may be way better for another person.  It's all 
personal preference.

I liked the MiniMed for the following that the Disetronic didn't have:

1)  I can program in precisely .1 of a unit (Disetronic is .5 I think)
2)  It looked more like a pager to me than the Diestronic
3)  It has a vibration mode if I don't want to hear the beeps
4)  It has 3 different levels of beeps, where the Disetonic has 1
5)  It has a back light feature
6)  I can program in 3 different personal patterns for different times of 
the month (I don't believe Disetronic offered this feature)
7)  It has a 4 year warrenty in comparison to the 2 year at Disetronic
8)  The batteries can be purchased through Wal-Mart, I believe the 
Disetronic you have to purchase their batteries.
9)  It lists the time & date of all history.. don't think this is the case 
on Disetronic.
10)  Has a remote control when I have it hidden under a dress.
11)  I can do 3 different boluses (not sure about the Disetronic)
12)  Most everyone where I live has the MiniMed, so the support is great to 

Now... as far as the Disetronic, I've heard great things about this pump as 
well, like you get 2 pumps for the price of one.  But, for ME the MiniMed 
offered what I needed and what I liked in a pump.  You must do your research 
and choose one that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Good Luck!!

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