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[IP] Finally figured out mornings

No wonder it's taken me a couple of years to figure this out. Here are the
conclusions I've made (at least for now) -
1. I have a dawn phenomenon that kicks in when I get up. So I bolus .3 - .5
units immediately or sometimes none if I'm low.
2. Insulin works a little slow in the morning and food digests fast, so I
need to bolus for my meal about 20 minutes ahead.
Before taking the above into consideration, my morning problems were usually
that I would go higher than my pp target of 150 after 1 - 2 hours and then
crash before noon, sometimes dropping 80 - 100 points in a half hour. Since
using this info the drop has decreased tremendously. But now I have to
rethink how I treat lows midmorning, probably with a glucose tablet or two
instead of food and a reduced bolus.

Unfortunately, I won't always be able to take my breakfast bolus early. For
instance, next week I'm going out of town for some training. Breakfast is
provided, but no idea what or exactly when. So I guess I'll have to be VERY
conservative with any correction bolus midmorning so I don't crash later. My
basals are .0 from 9 - noon so I can't do any adjusting there.


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