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ANSWER to Re: [IP] MM 508 Remote concerns

First of all, Minimed bought their own radio frequency so that other
appliances (garage doors openers, car alarms) won't speak on the pump's

Secondly, every single pump has its own ID #, I believe it's the serial
number.  Therefore, no two are alike.  One pump's remote can not interact
with another pump.  

Thirdly, you can buy up to three remotes and program them to work with a
single pump -- this is for a few reasons.  Most importantly, if a child is
wearing the pump, then mom, dad, and grandma can all have a remote.  Now if
one person starts programming the pump, the other two remotes are *locked
out* and do not have any effect on the pump until the first remote is
finished programming.  So even when two remotes are set to the same pump,
they can't send messages to the pump at the same time.

I hope that's clear now.  I must say, I have held the 508 and it is
*awesome* and I wish I had one.  But just to allay the worries of some of
you who are going to pay 500 or 1000 dollars to trade in your 507 or 507c,
I'd be MUCH more inclined to wait two summers for a much more compelling
pump to be released.


Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
mailto: email @ redacted

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