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Re: [IP] Long term without complications

so, i know the stat's would imply that the longer you go without
complications the less likely you are to get them... (and i've proudly
passed the ten year mark free of any complications)  but i wonder about
the validity of these statistics in the presence of all the recently
developped technology...  when i was diagnosed over ten years ago, my then
Endo told me to basically ignore any stats i read, as the data that had
been collected was extremely skewed by those patients who had been
diagnosed before the advent of bg monitoring and MDI...  The DCCT was the
first conclusive report that actually compared tight control to
traditional therapy and the results were glaringly obvious... tight
control had much lower incidence of complications...  (but that' is not
the same as no incidence...)  so if you have tight control (GO PUMPERS!)
you are statistically less likely to get complications than someone who
doesn't but there doesn't appear to be any conclusive information on what
characteristics will make the person with tight control more or less
likely to get complications...  (sorry, can you tell who's taking a stat's
class this term...)  none of us fit the profile of the samples used in
most studies... we're all a whole lot more careful about maintaining tight
control...  so the statistical results of most studies don't apply to
us... we're the "outliers"....  


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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