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[IP] Shelf Life

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> but isn't the 'shelf life' of the insulin only a week in those pen
> cartridges?  I thought you had to dispose of unused insulin after this time.
> if this is the case...then to have the pen  (and it's more expensive
> needles/cartridges) for use only once in awhile seems unjustifiable.

Shelf life of insulin in the pump is shorter, because the pump is on
your body and therefore being kept warm.

Insulin in a pen, which is in your purse, would last longer -- but on
the other hand, if you carry it in a shirt pocket, it might get warm
there, too.

But I still wonder if reports of insulin losing potency aren't more
related to site deterioration than to shelf life -- because some people
seem not to have any problems while others do, and it's the same type
and brand of insulin.

If you're worried about expense, pen cartridges can be refilled from
insulin vials, and needles can be reused, just like syringe needles, and
if I remember rightly, pen needles are cheaper than syringes. (It's been
a while since I bought syringes OR pen needles!!!!)  :)

One solution to avoiding waste is to refill a pen cartridge with only a
little insulin, say 50 units -- which should tide you over for a
sufficient period of time until you can get back to the pump.

I just realized I've had Murgatroyd for almost 8 months -- it's been a
GOOD experience, and no, I don't think I want to go back to shots,

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