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[IP] Need professional contact re: Mixing Insulins

To those with experience mixing insulins in the pump:
There is a 16 year old who sees the same endo as my daughter who is having a
terrible time with sites lasting....   I told her mother and my Endo and CDE
about all the threads I've read re: mixing.  I've sent them a copy of a
couple of explanations that Michael and others have provided nay-sayers.  My
CDE is very interested in ANYTHING that can help this young lady stay on the
pump but she would like to talk to a Dr/nurse or CDE that has experience
with mixing insulins.  She feels she needs the credibility to convince my
endo to let the young lady try it...   (My CDE secretly admits that shes
learned more from my IP friends (through me) than anywhere!!  Can anyone
provide me some professional contacts as soon as possible?   Thanks in

mom/coach for Jackie, 8yrs, dx 5/98, pumping since 7/29/99

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