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[IP] Suzanne - Advice

Bonnie Richardson
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Date: Tue, 02 Nov 1999 12:26:08 CST
From: "Suzanne Hoppe" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Sure could use some advice

Hello everyone.  I am a Type I for 22 years.  No complications, two
successful pregnancies and delivered two absolutely beautiful children.
Just started the MiniMed 508 pump about 2 weeks ago.  So far I am doing
pretty good.  Unfortunately, I have no diabetes support thanks to high cost 
of Insurance!! :-( .  I have always managed my own diabetes, even through
two pregnancies.  I have self taught myself with everything and have always 
maintained good control.  I have my basal rates set to perfection for me
now.  But, my struggle is the carb counting.  Will this come natural after
so long???  Is there anywhere I can read up more on how to do it???  Just
looking for some "support" and "encouragment".  It will get better... 


Hi Suzanne, I am very impressed with your determination and desire which 
have so obviously had good results.   Go to Amazon.com, or your local 
bookstore and get "Pumping Insulin" (around $15.00).  It is like a bible 
for us pumpers, and a big help in carb counting.  After 4 years on the pump 
(bgs going from over 9 to most recent test 6.2) I don't often have to 
wonder about carbs in food. I usually know just what to bolus.    My 
knowledge comes from knowing the most common foods by heart and knowing 
what my body does with certain foods.  I have found for me personally, 
Chinese, Mexican, Pizza,  raise my bgs much more than other similar meals, 
I have given up on Drive Thru window food, they always throw my bgs for a 
loop.  Chinese food requires approximately 2 additional units, as do many 
of the others.  Sometime I have to do have my bolus when starting to eat, 
then one hour later do second half of bolus (probably because of the fat 
content)  A square wave bolus works well for this food.

One of my most frustrating times was getting the right bolus for Saturday 
or Sunday mornings.  This is my time,  when I sleep a little later, eat a 
bigger breakfast and then sit for a couple of hours reading paper, drinking 
coffee, and just re-charging my personal batteries.  My bgs always went sky 
high...till I learned square wave bolus and now they are fine.

It will come naturally to you soon.  You will probably, like all of us, 
have the frustration of those unexplained highs, from time to time.  Look 
at each one as a learning experience, and enjoy your new life.
We are all here to support and encourage each other.  This wonderful group 
of people made my life easier when I started.  They shared their 
experiences and it was so helpful.   This is a great support group!
Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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