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re: [IP] Diabetic Support


I started a support group in March for children with diabetes and their
families.  We meet every other month and try to do fun things for the
kids.  Sometimes it is hard to think of something ages 4 - 14 will all
like.  So far we have gone bowling, did a WALK together, went to an
indoor amusement center w/skating, had a picnic, we are going bowling
again this month, and i think we will plan a sledding outing followed by
hot chocolate somewhere for January(skiing is quite expensive and we try
to keep things low budget).  For next year I think we may plan a
halloween party with some special treats.  I also try to have something
for the parents, we have invited the bayer rep, pump reps, our CDE did a
glucagon demo, and the JDF rep is coming to our next meeting.  We meet
on Sunday afternoons usually, seems to be the best night for all as it
doesn't conflict with homework or school activities.  We only have 2
pumpers now but i see in the future we may split into 2 groups, one for
pumpers, one for injections.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's suggestions.

mother of Alex(10) dx 11/94, pump 8/99

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